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Henan University of Urban Construction (HUUC) is the only regular university with civil engineering and urban construction as its distinctive characteristics in Henan Province under the administration of Henan provincial government. As one of the only two universities in China named with urban construction, HUUC has constructed a balanced and interconnected multidisciplinary system. Located in the new district of Pingdingshan City which has won the title of China Excellent Tourism City and Garden City, with the White Turtle Lake to the south, Daxiangshan Mountain to the north, HUUC boasts a beautiful campus pleasant for both living and learning.

Having been approved by the Ministry of Education, HUUC was upgraded to a university qualified for conferring the degrees of bachelor in 2002, comprising the former Pingdingshan Urban Environmental Protection School founded in 1983 and the Henan branch of Wuhan Urban Construction College founded in 1985. In the process of development and evolution, the university has gone through two historical periods with its name of Henan Urban Construction College and Pingdingshan Institute of Technology before it was finally renamed Henan University of Urban Construction in 2008.

Typically characterized with its distinctive engineering and urban construction-related disciplines, HUUC currently offers 56 undergraduate programs covering eight fields: engineering, science, agriculture, management, economics, law, literature, art and design. HUUC consists of 17 faculties, including the School of Civil and Transportation Engineering, the School of Management Engineering, the School of Municipal and Environment Engineering, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the School of Energy and Building Environment Engineering, the School of Survey Engineering, the School of Art Design, the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, the School of Chemistry and Material Engineering, the School of Life Science and Engineering, the School of Mathematics & Physics, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Law, the School of International Education, the School of Marxism and the School of Continuing Education. The enrollment is open to students from domestic 31 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) and overseas students. Currently, there are more than 20,500 full time undergraduate students and more than 16,400 part-time students studying various courses under adult education program.

HUUC has two campuses and covers an area of 1,730 acres. The total construction area on campus includes school buildings that covers more than 690,000 square meters and the stadium and various sports fields that cover nearly 110,000 square meters. It has 96 teaching laboratories(centers) and the total value of the teaching and research equipment is more than 260 million yuan. The library has a collection of over 1.73 million printed volumes,1.36 million e-books and 45 Chinese and foreign literature databases. With Henan Urban Construction Museum and the Lijie Institute of Architectural Culture on campus, HUUC is also equipped with a full-function academic lecture hall, gymnasium, high-standard sports ground, digital campus network system and self-service book borrowing and returning system as well. HUUC currently has 1,376 in-service faculty members, of whom 1022 are full-time teachers, 320 are full professors and 873 have attained Doctoral or Master’s degrees. Besides, there are 59 distinguished professors, chair professors and visiting professors and 56 academic and technical leaders at or above the city and department level. HUUC has trained more than 100,000 professional and technical personnel of all levels for the country since it was established.

HUUC has 1 national-level characteristic disciplines, 1 base for college student off-campus practice training, 7 provincial-level characteristic disciplines, 9 comprehensive experimental units of reforms on disciplines, 2 experimental units of  reform on the talent cultivation in engineering education, 8 experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 virtual simulation lab center, 3 national teaching teams, 7 excellent grassroots teaching organizations, 3 excellent courses of sharing resources, 8 excellent courses, 14 excellent online open courses, 5 provincial key disciplines, 1 key laboratory, 4 engineering laboratories, 2 engineering technology research centers, 3 innovation platforms. In the past three years, teachers at HUUC have undertaken 183 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological projects including the "863" Program and the National Natural Science Foundation, and have gained approval from the Ministry of Education for 77 projects on joint education with enterprises. Besides, they have published 192 textbooks and academic monographs, 221 articles and papers indexed by SCI, EI, ISTP, CSSCI. They have also been awarded invention and utility model patents for the 368 projects they undertook and achieved other 458 various scientific research awards at different levels in Henan Province. In recent years, HUUC has passed the assessment of ordinary undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education. Four specialties, including Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Engineering Management and Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, Urban and Rural Planning , have successfully passed the assessment by Ministry of Housing and Higher Education. Enrolling students as the first batch of universities, four undergraduate majors ----Civil Engineering, Engineering Cost, Urban and Rural Planning, Electrical Engineering and Automation, have been approved to establish a master degree program. Conducting double-degree education with credits system, HUUC has established cooperative postgraduate programs with 13 universities including Zhengzhou University, Lanzhou University, Anhui University of Technology, North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower, and Donghua University.

HUUC attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality and innovative ability. In the past three years, students in this university have won more than 700 awards in various skill competitions for college students at national and provincial level such as the “Internet plus” innovation and entrepreneurship competition. HUUC has also created a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship for students, such as the setting up of Zhongke Entrepreneurship College. Our own brand, Cainiao Chuangke Co-working Space, initiated by students from our university, was approved as a provincial level co-working space. Thus, the quality of our graduates is fully recognized by employers, and the employment rate is consistently among the top of the same batch of universities in Henan Province. Besides, as the venue of the Job Market for College Graduates in Henan Province providing employment opportunities mainly in the field of urban construction, HUUC facilitates the employment of our own graduates as well as graduates from other urban construction colleges across the province. It is ranked as the 20th non-"211 project" universities in the Middle and South part of China by the MyCOS network employment ability ranking, and is the only university in Henan Province that ranks in the top 20 in that list. In 2017, HUUC was selected as a pilot unit of the “Talent Project in the New Millennium” by the Ministry of Education.

Following the direction of integrating enterprises with vocational schools and universities by the State Council, HUUC implements strategies that encourage the cooperation with enterprises. It established various platforms for scientific research and innovation service such as Asset Management Co. Ltd., University Science Park, Industrial Technology Development Institute, Comprehensive Urban Design and Research Institute of Henan Province, 100-city Construction Technology Institute, Dam and Road Engineering Hospital in Henan University of Urban Construction , Research Center for the Technical Application Engineering of the Big Data from Urban and Rural Planning in Henan Province, Gaofen Data Center in Pingdingshan, Henan Province, Baigui Lake National Wetland Park Ecological Research Monitoring Center, Healthy Food Collaborative Innovation Center, College of Nylon Industry Technology, BIM Research Center, Urban Construction and Development Center, Yuxin Institute of Industrial Information Technology. HUUC has been conducting in-depth cooperation with the government and enterprises, and has played its role of serving the society actively, which has produced good social and economic benefits.

HUUC adheres to the principle of opening the door to the overseas educational resources, continuously expanding and deepening foreign exchanges. It provides undergraduate programs for international students actively. It also carries out cooperation in teaching and research with well-known universities in the United States, the UK, Germany, Russia, Australia, and Malaysia. Since 2011, HUUC has successively delivered joint undergraduate and two-year college programs with University of the Highlands and Islands in the UK, St. Petersburg National University of Construction and Engineering in Russia, and Linden University in Malaysia. Currently, there are 1,126 students enrolled in these programs.

Inspired by the school motto "Great Virtue, Absolute Truth, Profound Knowledge, Extensive Learning, Careful Reflection”, and guided by the principle of developing students’ comprehensive ability of learning and practicing, and the spirit of being self-disciplined to pursue excellency, HUUC priors the cultivation of students’ moral sense, and put great efforts to promote the transformation of the university by encouraging reform and innovation. It also contributes to the development of local economy and industry, and has made remarkable achievements. Widely praised by the higher authorities and the community, HUUC has been awarded to different titles, such as Top 50 Universities for Excellent Employment of Graduates Nationwide, National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee, National Model Employee's Home, Advanced University for 10 Years Socialization Reform in Logistics Management Nationwide, Advanced Unit of Party Building Work in Henan Higher Education Schools, Model Organization in Henan Province, Advanced Unit of School construction in Henan Province, Advanced Unit of National Student Loan Work in Henan Province, The Most Competitive University in Employment in Henan Province, Science Education Base of Chinese Architecture Association, Colleges and Universities Satisfied by the People of Henan at the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China, The Most Domestically Competitive University in Employment in Henan Province at the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China, Pilot University of Smart Campus in Henan Province.

Looking into the future, HUUC will continue to follow closely the guidance of the socialist orientation of higher education, focusing on improving the quality of talents by carrying out reformation and innovation and promoting the transformation of the university. It will strive to achieve the three goals, which are upgrading the level of the university, transforming the development mode, and building a civilized and harmonious campus. It will also spare no effort to enable it to be more distinctively characterized with technical application, urban construction, locality and internationalization. Besides, it will continue the construction of disciplines and  specialties as well as the professional teams, teaching staff, platforms for practical teaching bases and integration of enterprises and education, platforms for technology services and collaborative innovation, cultural heritage and innovation as well as the university system. Following the pace of “double first-class” construction, HUUC will actively promote the construction of new engineering and actively take part in the “100-city Construction Project”, and strive to build the university into a high-level university of urban construction featuring technical application!




1.School of Civil and Transportation Engineering

Undergraduate programs: Civil Engineering, Prospecting Techniques and Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering, City Underground Space Engineering


2.School of Management

Undergraduate programs: Engineering Management, Project Cost, Real Estate Development and Management, Marketing, Tourism Management, Financial Management, Labor and Social Security


3.School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering

Undergraduate programs: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering, Safety Engineering, Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering


4.School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Undergraduate programs: Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture


5.School of Energy and Building Environment Engineering

Undergraduate programs: Energy and Power Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering


6. School of Geomatics and Urban Spatial Information

Undergraduate programs: Geographical Information Science, Remote Sensing Science and Technology, Geomatics Engineering, Land Resource Management


7.School of Art Design

Undergraduate programs: Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Product Design, Animation


8. School of Computer and Data Science

Undergraduate programs: Computer Science and Technology, Information Management and Information System, Digital Media Technology, Software Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering


9.School of Electrical and Control Engineering

Undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering and Its Automation, Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Electrical and Intelligent Building


10.School of Material and Chemical Engineering

Undergraduate programs: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Polymer Material and Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering


11.School of Life Science and Engineering

Undergraduate programs: Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Biopharmacy, Gardens


12.School of Mathematics and Physics

Undergraduate programs: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Financial Mathematics


13. School of Foreign Studies

Undergraduate programs: English, Translation and Interpreting


14. School of Law

Undergraduate programs: Jurisprudence


15.School of International Education

Undergraduate programs (Joint education program): Electrical Engineering and Its Automation, Civil Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering


. Intent on Cooperation


1.Set up intercollegiate exchange visit mechanism and establish partnerships.

2.Achieve mutual recognition of credits and carry out student and teacher exchange programs.

3.Launch joint education programs in both universities, and jointly train undergraduates and postgraduates.

4. Establish collaboratively Chinese and foreign cooperative institutions and cooperate comprehensively.




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